Have You Heard of the Swans of Ulm?

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Photo/Text: Aline LaPierre    Photo Editing: Victor Osaka



Have you heard of the swans of Ulm? Until a few months ago, I had not.

Then through unusual circumstances, I found myself alone with my camera, wandering the streets of the medieval city of Ulm in the Baden-Würtenberg region of southern Germany. I had nothing to do on that sunny winter afternoon but enjoy the charms of this quiet town reputed for being the birthplace of Albert Einstein.

Founded in 854 on the banks of the beautiful blue Danube, the juxtaposition of past and present, old and new is strikingly well balanced in Ulm. From the spire of the cathedral which is the tallest in the world, to the gleaming avant-garde town hall by architect Richard Meier, Ulm has embraced the present to mend a troubled past, healing the scars of war with elegance and dignity.


But beyond its stunning architecture, a stroll along the south bank of the lazy Danube revealed what turned out to be Ulm’s greatest charm: SWANS. For the animal lover that I am, this was a moment of heaven on earth.

Feast your eyes, as I did, on the swans of Ulm. Nothing more need be said.

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